Sanrio Happy Bag 2021! I opened a 3,000 yen Happy Bag!


The season of Happy Bags has arrived again this year. Until last year, I used to stand in line at the store to buy one. This year, however, due to the outbreak of the new coronavirus, an advance reservation system has been introduced for the first time. In this article, I would like to reveal how to make a reservation and what’s inside the 3,000 yen Happy Bag.

Table of contents

  • How to Reserve a Happy Bag
  • Open the “3,000 yen Happy Bag”
    • Plush toys in the “3,000 yen Happy Bag”
    • Daily necessities in the “3,000 yen Happy Bag”
    • Stationery in the “3,000 yen Happy Bag”
  • Was the 3,000 Happy Bag a good deal?
  • Conclusion

How to Reserve a Happy Bag

he Happy Bag that went on sale in January 2021 had to be reserved in advance. It’s Sanrio’s way of being kind, wanting us to come back to pick up our Happy Bags after the first sale to avoid denseness and peace of mind! If at all possible, I hope that even after the new coronavirus has settled down, Happy Bags will still be available by reservation.

Let’s review how to reserve a Happy Bag here!
  • Reservation period: December 18, 2020 – December 30, 2020 (limited quantity, so it will end as soon as the limit is reached)
  • Reservation conditions: Limit one reservation per person for each item / No reservations by phone / Payment upon reservation

To make a reservation, do so at a store. You can make a reservation from the opening time of each store. I went about two hours after the store opened, and reservations were still available!

The Happy Bag lineup is “2,000 yen”, “3,000 yen”, and “5,000 yen”. You can choose each item and character.


Source: Sanrio official website

This time I chose My Melody for “2,000 yen”, Hello Kitty for “3,000 yen”, and Cinnamoroll for “5,000 yen”.

Open the “3,000 yen Happy Bag”

I would like to open the 3,000 yen Happy Bag. It came in a shopping basket bag!


The fabric is soft and easy to fold, and a little bit of rain will not penetrate inside. It’s a great item for those who use shopping baskets.

Just like the 2,000 yen Happy Bag, it’s got a bunch of Baby Angel characters in it, and they’re adorable! I really wish they would release this type of plushie.

【送料無料】 サンリオキャラクターズ ぬいぐるみ エンジェル ハローキティ Mサイズ 高さ約28cm

The Angel series has been released in the past.


Here are the contents of the 3,000 yen Happy Bag! It contained a Hello Kitty cow plushie, which is only available in the 3,000 yen Happy Bag, two types of melamine plates, slippers, bath towels, and many stationery items.

This Happy Bag has quite a lot of stationery. As a stationery lover, I’m very happy.

Plush toys in the “3,000 yen Happy Bag”


This is the feature product of the Happy Bag, the “Hello Kitty cow plushie”.

The plushie in the 2,000 yen Happy Bag had the character itself dressed like a cow, but the plushie in the 3,000 yen Happy Bag has a cow. Moreover, the tail of the cow has “2021” written on it! It’s quite a bit more rare.

The height of the plush toy is about 15cm, which is a large size.

Daily necessities in the “3,000 yen Happy Bag”

happybug2021_3000_4 happybug2021_3000_5
happybug2021_3000_6 happybug2021_3000_8

This time, the first thing I noticed when I opened the grab bag was the Bad Badtz-Maru slippers (lol). It’s so cute! They’re perfect for this time of year, so I’m thinking of starting to use them right away.

From the top left, “Sanrio Characters bath towel”, “Bad Badtz-Maru slippers”, “two types of melamine plates”, and “storage box”. (Hello Kitty’s mobile accessory case will be shown as stationery.)

The “Sanrio Characters Bath Towel” has Baby Angel characters all over it as well, and it is very cute. The color is pale pink, so it is an item that will be popular among girls.

The “Bad Badtz-Maru slippers” are made of far-infrared heat insulation and are quite warm. The size was written on the tag as a women’s size (25cm). When my husband (foot size 26cm) tried them on, he said, “I can wear them if I step on the heel, but if I wear them all the way up to the heel, the toes are pretty tight”.

The two melamine plates are about 15cm in diameter and were not microwaveable. Since they are melamine plates, they are quite light and hard to break, so they are perfect for my three-year-old daughter. There are also Baby Angel characters here. It makes eating fun.

The “storage box” is about 20cm long x 30cm wide x 18cm high. The fabric is soft, so it can be folded. I think I can use it to store my daughter’s toys.

Stationery in the “3,000 yen Happy Bag”


Since I bought a Hello Kitty Happy Bag this time, I thought the contents would be mostly Hello Kitty, but there were other characters mixed in as well!

As with the 2,000 yen Happy Bag, I couldn’t get my favorite Cinnamoroll goods in the 3,000 yen Happy Bag, so let’s hope for the 5,000 yen Happy Bag.

From the top left, “My Melody’s 5-design handy memo”, “Hello Kitty’s metallic ink pen 5P”, “Pompompurin’s cutting masking tape”, “Kikilala’s masking roll stickers”, “Hello Kitty’s mobile accessory case”.

None of the goodies have been covered by the 2,000 yen Happy Bag, which is great.

Was the 3,000 Happy Bag a good deal?

When it comes to Happy Bag, it is important to know how much you can get for a low price. I would like to verify this, so please use it as a reference for your next purchase.

  • Hello Kitty stuffed cow: Not for sale
  • Sanrio Characters bath towel: Not for sale
  • Bad Badtz-Maru slippers: Price unknown
  • Two melamine plates: Not for sale
  • Storage box: Not for sale
  • My Melody 5-design handy memo: 440 yen (tax included)
  • Hello Kitty’s metallic ink pen 5P: 1,320 yen (tax included)
  • Pompompurin cutting masking tape: Price unknown
  • Kikilala’s masking roll stickers: 605 yen (tax included)
  • Hello Kitty mobile accessory case: 1,320 yen (tax included)
  • Shopping basket bag: Not for sale

Prices are quoted from stickers on the products or official websites.

That’s a total of 3,685 yen (tax included) for what I could find out the price! As it stands, I feel like I’m only saving 685 yen, but the 3,000 yen Happy Bag contains quite a few items that aren’t for sale, so I’d say that’s a pretty good deal!


I’ve reviewed the contents of the 3,000 yen Happy Bag, and compared to the 2,000 yen Happy Bag, there’s a lot more items that aren’t for sale, and the good news is that I got a bunch of items with Baby Angel characters on them! Still haven’t gotten my hands on any Cinnamoroll goodies yet, but let’s hope for the next 5,000 yen Happy Bag!

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