“Sanrio cosmetics ATARI KUJI” released on February 1, 2020

There are many different types of Sanrio ATARI KUJI (Sanrio lottery ticket) each time, and this time cosmetics will appear for the first time. All the cosmetics will be made in Japan. The price of one time is a little higher than the usual ATARI KUJI, but the quality is good. Let’s take a closer look at what cosmetics will appear.

Table of contents

  • “Sanrio cosmetics ATARI KUJI” (February 1, 2020)
    • Introduction of prize
    • Release date, price, store list
  • Conclusion

“Sanrio cosmetics ATARI KUJI” (February 1, 2020)

Source: Official website

It has been decided that Sanrio will release a cosmetic ATARI KUJI! Many ATARI KUJI have been released, but this is the first cosmetic ATARI KUJI. The package of spring colors is cute.

Introduction of prize

    1. Cosmetic palette ×2
    2. Aroma mist lotion (Hello Kitty) ×3
    3. Aroma mist lotion (My Melody) ×3
    4. Hand cream (Hello Kitty) ×4
    5. Hand cream (Pompompurin) ×4
    6. Hand cream (My Melody) ×4
    7. Tint lip (Hello Kitty) ×7
    8. Tint lip (Cinnamoroll) ×7
    9. Tint lip (My Melody) ×6
    10. Cheek (Hello Kitty) ×5
    11. Cheek (Little Twin Stars) ×5
    12. Cheek (My Melody) ×5
    13. Cheek (Cinnamoroll) ×5

The last special award is a cosmetic pouch. You will get it when you draw the last one. It is a lineup that can be used immediately as a whole.

Some cosmetic palettes (makeup palettes) contain eye shadows and cheeks, and some even include mascara and face powder. If I guess only with images, this Sanrio cosmetics palette seems to contain 6 colors of eye shadow and 2 colors of blush. It also has a mirror, so it seems to be useful on the go!

Tint lip is a lipstick that dyes the lips and fixes the pigment. Unlike common lipsticks, tint lip is hard to fall off.

The official website has detailed instructions on how to use each one. Please check it.

Since it is written in detail, it seems that even beginners of makeup can use it with confidence!
It’s wonderful to be cute with cute Sanrio characters!

Release date, price, store list

  • Release date: February 1, 2020 (Sat)
  • Price: 980 yen per time
  • Stores: Sanrio shops, convenience stores, etc (In Japan)

Release date, price, and stores are subject to change, so I recommend checking on the official website.


This is the first time cosmetics ATARI KUJI has appeared, so many people are likely to draw lots. I want a cosmetics palette, so I’m thinking of drawing that lot a few times. If I got Cinnamoroll goods, I would be the best!

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