Sweets Puro -very berry sweets party- has started

Sweets Puro – very berry sweets party – will be held from January 10 (Fri) to March 10 (Tue) 2020. Many Sanrio characters such as My Melody and Hello Kitty will prepare a sweet party with plenty of berries. In addition to limited time illuminations, goods and photo spots will be also appeared. Let’s take a closer look!

Table of contents

  • Event list of Sweets Puro – very berry sweets party –
  • Event details of Sweets Puro – very berry sweets party –
    • My Melody Strawberry Illumination – Ichigo🍓Ichie –
    • SPARKLE!! ~ Sweets Lights ~
    • Pink illumination~
    • Miracle-illusion★Happiness
    • Very Berry Sweets Buffet
    • Sweets Puro Dessert Menu
    • Sweets Puro limited goods
    • Sweets Puro Photo Spot
    • Special sweets greeting
    • Very berry character hug time
  • Conclusion

Event list of Sweets Puro – very berry sweets party –

At the Sweets Puro – very berry sweets party -, various events such as illuminations for a limited time, a sweets buffet that requires reservations, and paid greetings are held. Some of them have different dates, so check them out.

  • Ichigo🍓Ichie: Illumination show that mellows strawberry, presented by My Melody
  • SPARKLE!! ~ Sweets Lights ~: Illumination show where Hello Kitty sings with a sweet voice
  • Pink illumination: At the end of the illumination show, Puro Village glows in a cute pink color
  • Miracle-illusion★Happiness: Projection Mapping and Light Illusion Show
  • Very Berry Sweets Buffet: You can take photos with Sanrio characters while enjoying sweets (reservation required)
  • Sweets Puro Dessert Menu: Desserts that can only be enjoyed during the period of Sweets Puro
  • Goods: Sweets and character goods for a limited time are sold
  • Sweets Puro Photo Spot: Limited Time Photo Spot with Sweets Puro Theme
  • Special Greetings: You can take a photo with Hello Kitty and My Melody in Sweets Costume

Event details of Sweets Puro – very berry sweets party –

My Melody Strawberry Illumination – Ichigo🍓Ichie –

This is a strawberry illumination show that My Melody will give for a limited time from January 10 (Fri) to February 14 (Fri) 2020. The illuminations show the entire Puro Village, so the illuminations can be viewed from anywhere in Puro Village. My Melody is wearing a special costume with plenty of decorations inspired by strawberries.

Source: Sanrio Puroland official website

My melody appears on the gondola from the ceiling near the Discovery Theater. The area in front of the large screen is where you can best see her. On January 10, I went there about 15 minutes before the show started, but I could sit down and watch the show in front of the large screen. Since PURO PASS which is a ticket to sit a reserved seat for the show is not sold, it seems to be hard to find an area where the show can be seen well. My Melody finally descends on the floor, so you may not be able to see My Melody if you are in the entertainment hall opposite the large screen.

“Ichigo🍓Ichie” has choreography, so let’s remember that and dance with My Melody.

It’s a “Miracle ♡ Light” which My Melody has. It is a choreography that children and adults can enjoy.

When I went there with my two-year-old daughter, she could dance, so I think it’s easy for kids to dance!
Before “Ichigo🍓Ichie” starts, choreography videos are played on a large screen, so even those who are new to it can enjoy.

“Miracle ♡ Light”

It glows colorfully in conjunction with the show. Also it’s used in “Miracle Gift Parade”.

Price 1,500 yen (tax included)
Sales location 1F / Village shop
  1F / Entertainment hall shop
  2F / Lady Kitty House Shop
  2F / Kiki & Lara Shop
  2F / Boat Ride Photo Corner
  3F / Entrance shop

SPARKLE!! ~ Sweets Lights ~

This is an illumination show where Hello Kitty performs a sweet singing for a limited time from February 15 (Sat) to March 10 (Tue), 2020. It is only during this period that you can see the special version with the theme of “Sweets”! This illumination can also be enjoyed from anywhere in Puro Village. Hello Kitty comes in a sweet and sparkling sweets costume with heart, whipped cream and chocolate throughout the body.

Source: Sanrio Puroland official website

Kitty also appears in the gondola, and the appearance location is the same position as My Melo. She will be appearing around the Discovery Theater. After all, you can see and enjoy very well at the area in front of the large screen. Same as “Ichigo Ichie”, “PURO PASS” is not sold at this illumination show. The illuminations can be enjoyed from any place in Puro Village, so it is recommended to watch them slowly wherever you like.

“SPARKLE !! ~ Sweets Lights ~” also has choreography, so let’s have fun dancing with Kitty.

Kitty also has “Miracle ♡ Light”.
I think the 1,500 yen is expensive, but I want it because it can be used at various events and lift me up!

Pink illumination

At the end of “Ichigo Ichie” and “SPARKLE !! ~ Sweets Lights ~”, Puro Village shines in cute pink! Please see it until the last because the lighting is different.


The projection mapping and light illusion show that ended in September 2019 will reappear for a limited time. The legend of the Wisdom Tree, a symbol of Puroland, is that when dreams, hopes, and the kindness of everyone gather, the bell of happiness rings and happiness comes. Let’s collect the brilliance of everyone and let the bell of happiness ring. It’s a fantasy illusion of light powered by dazzling illuminations.

Hello Kitty & Dear Daniel will appear in a cute angel costume for the limited time of “Sweets Puro” from January 10 (Fri) to March 10 (Tue) 2020. I’m looking forward to it. It is recommended to look from under the big screen next to the central stairs. Again, there is no “PURO PASS” sale.

“Miracle ♡ Light” is also used for “Happiness”. Kitty and Daniel also appear with “Miracle ♡ Light”.

Very Berry Sweets Buffet

At “Restaurant Yakata”, which was reopen in April 2019, a sweets buffet “Very Berry Sweets Buffet” will be held. A limited dessert menu with plenty of strawberries, raspberries and blueberries is available. Sanrio characters will also appear in clothes with sweets as a motif. Let’s enjoy a photo session of delicious sweets and characters!

Period & Characters (2020)
* Only characters that have been officially announced are listed.

January 11 (Sat)

・Hello Kitty
・Dear Daniel

January 18 (Sat)

Little twin stars
(Kiki & Lara)

January 25 (Sat)

・ My Melody
・ Kuromi

February 1 (Sat)

・ My Melody
・ My Sweet Piano

February 8 (Sat)

・Hello Kitty
・Dear Daniel

February 15 (Sat)

・My Melody

February 22 (Sat)

Little twin stars
(Kiki & Lara)

February 29 (Sat)

・My Melody
・My Sweet Piano

March 7 (Sat)

・My Melody

Venue: Rainbow Hall 4F Restaurant Yakata
Schedule table

Opening 17:30~
Dessert shooting time 17:40~
Meal start 17:50~
Character appearance time 18:20~

Price: 3,500 yen per person (common price for anadult and a child)
   With sweets buffet original postcard

Sweet buffet participants will receive a limited cute original design sheet. If you take a picture with your favorite dessert, it will be like a party with the characters.

Source: Sanrio Puroland official website

Participation in the sweets buffet requires a full reservation system, and reservations are made on a first-come, first-served basis. Same-day tickets will start selling at 10 o’clock only if there are extra tickets available. Please see the official website for details.

Sweets Puro Dessert Menu

Nine kinds of limited dessert menus will be released from January 10, 2020 (Friday).

Foods on sale at 1F Sweet Parlor

“Kitty’s skewered Strawberry and Baumkuchen”
700 yen (tax included)
Skewered baumkuchen coated with strawberry chocolate and strawberry.
On top of that is Kitty’s custard flavor Daifuku.
A complimentary gift comes with the purchase.
“My Melody’s Strawberry Pink Churros”
500 yen (tax included)
Churros with strawberry sugar topped with sticky baked goods containing strawberry cream!

“My Melody’s Salty Strawberry Soda”
600 yen (tax included)
Salty strawberry soda with 2 strawberries and salted cherry

Source: Sanrio Puroland official website

Foods on sale at 4F Cinnamoroll Dream Cafe

“Cinnamon’s Sweets Puro Cheese Tart”
630 yen (tax included)
Cinnamoroll Dream Cafe No.1 recommended dessert is transformed into a pink hat!
Smooth, rich rare cheese tart with big ears.
“Cinnamon pink berry donut”
630 yen (tax included)
Strawberry whip topped on a donut coated with strawberry chocolate.
“My Melody Strawberry Luxury Chocolate Tart”
700 yen (tax included)
My melody face roll cake on a couverture chocolate tart.
“Kuromi’s Very Berry Blueberry Muffin”
630 yen (tax included)
Blueberry and cream cheese muffin perfect for Kuromi dressed up.
The muffin also has strawberry whip, blueberry sauce and blueberries.

“Mel’s strawberry parfait”
800 yen (tax included)
Strawberry mousse, sauce, whip cream, strawberry raw chocolate and strawberry topped with the ultimate strawberries parfait.

Source: Sanrio Puroland official website

Foods on sale at 4F Sanrio Rainbow World Restaurant

“Kuromi’s blueberry crepe”
780 yen (tax included)
Blueberry crepe with Kuromi’s image color appeared!
Strawberry whip over blueberry sauce and topped with blueberry tart.

Source: Sanrio Puroland official website

For a limited time, I want to make sure I don’t miss it. By the way, the complimentary gift of “Kitty’s skewered Strawberry and Baumkuchen” will be a can batch of characters wearing Sweets Puro costumes.


Sweets Puro limited goods

Hello Kitty, My Melody, Kuromi, Cinnamoroll and Wishmemel are cute goods with sweets. All of them are cute and I want them all. Because they are for a limited time, you can only get this period.

On sale from Friday, January 10, 2020!
Sweets puro goods
Strap mascot
1,980 yen (tax included)

On sale from Friday, January 10, 2020!
Sweets puro goods
Mini towel
880 yen (tax included)

On sale from Friday, January 10, 2020!
Sweets puro goods
Key ring
990 yen (tax included)

On sale from Friday, January 10, 2020!
Sweets puro goods
Cup sleeve
880 yen (tax included)
On sale from Friday, January 10, 2020!
Sweets puro goods
Clear file
385 yen (tax included)

Source: Sanrio Puroland official website

Sweets Puro Photo Spot

It is a special photo spot like the world of sweets. The location is on the left side after entering the 3F Rainbow Hall. It is a spot where you can take photos with Hello Kitty and My Melody.

In addition, the photo spots of Cinnamol Roll, Kuromi and Wish Me Mel are on the 1st floor, near My Melody Drive and Gudetama Land. The photo spots on the 3F Rainbow Hall are often crowded because they are near the entrance, but 1F spots are well-kept-secret places where you can take pictures slowly.

Special sweets greeting

The special event “Special Greeting”, which was very popular last year, will be held again this year. This is a Valentine & White Day event where you can take a photo with Hello Kitty My Melody wearing sweet costumes.

Event period

“Hello Kitty”

  • January 18, 2020
  • January 19, 2020
  • January 25, 2020
  • January 26, 2020

“My Melody”

  • February 15, 2020
  • February 16, 2020
  • February 29, 2020
  • March 1, 2020

Location: Puro Village 1F Event Corner
Schedule: 10:50-11:20, 14:15-14:45
* Go to the 1F event corner 15 minutes before the event starts. Please arrange in order of ticket reference number.
Time required: You can take photos and videos for one minute with your own camera
Price: 2,000 yen per person (common price for anadult and a child)
* Sweets Puro limited candy set gift included
Capacity: 20 people each time

This is a paid event, so you will need to win a lottery or get a ticket for general sale. Please see the official website for details.

Very berry character hug time

You can hug with characters wearing event-limited costumes. At the time of normal hug time, it seems that it is a costume for the event. Also, you may be able to meet the characters somewhere in Puroland outside of hug time! A one month hug time calendar is posted on the official website. Check frequently and hug your favorit character.

It is important to note that you cannot take a group photo at hug time. Hug is the main. But it’s OK to take a picture of you hug with the character.


Sweets Puro is the first major event after the New Year event. As with last year, there are paid greetings, and the return of “Happiness” is a very exciting event.
I participated on the first day of the event, everywhere was full of sweets and it was cute. I took pictures in various places. I haven’t eaten the event food yet, so I’m looking forward to it.
The event period is long, about 2 months, but the illumination show will change in the latter half of the first half, so be sure to check it out.

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